story #1

The Tale of the Truer Man

There was once a boy, this was no special boy, he had no special powers, he had no prophecy he had no purpose. His day began and ended in the village, playing around with friends, roaming the land and sometimes helping out his father with farming.

It was peaceful land, no wars, no worries, no deaths and no deeds. Just the greens, the grass and happiness, but a perfect world is only those of which we dream while reality is only imperfection.  For it all had to end one day and that neared quicker than any had ever imagined.

As we know we live in a world of politics, where land and money is worth more than life and love. And a land of such beauty can only appear as a gold mine to those washed from the filthy waters of greed. The village which was as humble as man could ever dream was invaded. Life as all knew it changed in the blink of an eye. The land once filled with the seeds of beauty and watered with the streams of happiness was now a land of eternal hellfire raised everyday with the deathly stream of blood. 

The boy, who once played about in this land, never thinking of a future now saw his family being slaughtered right in front of his eyes. His head filled with rage and told him to fight, but it was the innocence of his pure heart that told him to be patience and wait for his strike.

He fled from the lands unseen and unheard to faraway lands where home were unhurt. He travelled long ways and fled as he could, but sooner and sooner he could run no more. His mind was controlling him urging him to return. To spill the blood of those who boiled his, but he went with his heart which told him to wait, for destiny writes a greater fate.

He soon found a valley where monks laid prayer. He joined in their wisdom in stayed in their share. He told them his story, they told him to wait. It seemed as if these monks were guiding him all day. They taught him the justice on which man lives now, where eating is crime if the meat is not your brother’s.  They taught him the patience of which talked his heart.

Soon he was ready fully grown in their leagues, but did he go back to land of his feed? He did not do as you might think; never did he will of revenge. 

For patience had taught him that forgiveness is a gift from god himself…


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