"My Masterpiece"

It was a wide orange twilight sky, a sight all would adore at a moment of peace and happiness. Right below the sky laid a beautiful valley, full of vegetation and many exotic flowers. The air gently and softly tickled with its lush pleasant scent and between it all sat Michael with his notepad in hand trying to capture the scene in a sketch. He wanted this to be his masterpiece the one sketch that would change his dull life, but just as he was about to reach the peak of his concentration thoughts of her would always cross his mind. He would try to forget but he never could. The days when he was happy, The days when he felt free, the days which could even to an extent be called perfect, but just like all good days, they ended. The perfection of Michael’s life was over and with his crushed heart he set out to emotionlessly full fill his dreams. Michael used to visit this valley as a child. This was the place he drew his first drawings. The place he and his mother once called home, and every year since he was five Michael had always wanted to capture this twilight, but now he had all the time in the world. It was only because of her he was here and for that he also kind of thanked her as his sorrow gave him all the time in the world.
Last month a body was found on the Frimgold valley of a man with a painting in his hand and a note behind it, the painting was of a couple sitting on a hill watching the twilight sky and the note behind it read “we shall live forever in my masterpiece” 

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