Iros Chronicles : The Legend of Gayle

Long ago in the times of stone and wars the glorious kingdom of Iros stood in its days of youth. And amongst those residents of the newly raised kingdom was the young Gayle, an orphan swordsman who had just mastered his wields. With him he carried only his father’s golden sword which his father left behind after the fight for Iros’ future. Gayle was young and passionate and had always wanted to fight for his people. At his young age and days he never knew he would one day be written on into legend for all to tell and learn. Now he may only be seen as a statue, decorating the holy front of the Iros castle but when his kingdom needed him most he was a true hero.


The kingdom of Iros in its newly raised days had captured the attention of many. One in particular was an evil old druid by the name of Valkhum. Valkhum was a creature who seeked power and when the city of Iros rose above the earth he too wanted his filthy paws all over this city. Valkhum had the power to control the weather, and with these evil abilities he was able to get really close, he had surrounded the outer walls with all his evil vines making sure that none would leave and none would return. Within the walls he wrecked havoc forced fear into the hearts of all, destroying all the framers crops and causing eternal rain on all the lands. In the middle of the city he made a tower out of stones he made rain and above it he lived to watch over. Nearly all of Iros fell down to this reign of tyranny and lost hope of the city ever having a humane future, while many others seeked to destroy this gruesome new tyrant but those who tried were all shown their graves. The king himself had been taken capture and all hope was soon to be lost.


Between all the evil and all the tyranny walked young Gayle who too was fed up with the era which was to come. He feared his death but he loved his lands more. When the day came fourth he knew how to strike. The evil young druid came out of his hiding being sure that there was no one who would plan for his death. He wanted to execute the king in front of the people and so he put on a show and gathered a crowd most of them sulked while the others watched in fear as their king was brought up handcuffed in chains, then out of the huge crowd came Gayle in his passion they thought of him mad but the druid was amazed of his courage. The druid allowed him to speak up but the boy spoke ill of the druid. The angered druid wanted to hear no more so he announced to kill. He drew his hands fourth and as he had killed many before forced a spawn of lightning right above the young warrior, but what came next he would’ve never thought of, Gayle drew fourth his sword and just in time the lightning redirected and burned the druid, only ashes remained of the evil tyrant and the people they cheered and freed the king out. The king thanked Gayle and announced him a hero but nobody did notice that the hero had fallen, the lightning had redirected but had struck him as well, and he had fallen to the ground ill from this spell. The people raised him and cheered away, as he died in their arms and his sole faded away. He was always remembered from that very day and a statue was raised right in front of the castle where the druid had been slain by this knight of gold great.

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