My dark life.

My life was darkness ever since I was born,
my mother had left me and there was no one to hone,
filled with the unseen I grew older each day.
Going through all the pain of not knowing the way,
it made me so lonely never able to play,
it made me so tired trying look fourth a new day,
but he was always there never a day left short.
 He taught me to live,
make the darkness my home,
 I was a creature of shadows but he showed me the way,
 the way to light in my dark gloomy day.
He loved me till the end and prayed I would live.
He swore me with love, and protected me with his grip.
He knew I would live.
he knew I would live.
 the darkness he wanted to fade,
but the shadows would stay,
 he wanted to make me a light worthy day.
But I was a creature of darkness and that was where I would stay.
My father died trying to show a blind girl her face 

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