Diary of A Serial Killer

It was bright hectic morning as I got up to get ready. The same old routine I had been following ever
since me life turned upside down. Wake up early, cleanse my body, eat of what I have left and go out
and start fighting with whoever crosses my path.

It wasn’t always like this, I used to have a life, I used to be married with 2 kids and lovely wife, but it all
had to change. Now all I do is killing, fight and kill, nothing left in my path, nothing left behind.

Yesterday I shot 3 men and I enjoyed every bit of it, the day before that I knifed a man to his death and the
pleasure I had from the blood was truly great. They used to tell me fighting for my country was the right
path, I agreed, but I never knew being a soldier would make me into a serial killer, feared in all the lands
and for no reason, loved by the whole country for what I do. I kill….


3 thoughts on “Diary of A Serial Killer

  1. its supposed to be satirical to the troops of Israel who kill the Palestine people everyday. the country of Israel loves their soldiers but the truth is that they really are all killers

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