Survival : Under Growth

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Each day the sun rises and I get up to get to work, early in the morning. It’s like a whole new world.
Mystery in the hills and darkness in the caves, some would take caution but I stand brave. I have lived
up here for as long as I can remember. Away from the city, in my own humble abode. I stay here for I
have a dream, a dream stretching beyond the mountains, a dream to give to humanity, a dream to build
paradise in this world full of imperfection.

My father moved us out here after the war that destroyed Kliptana, my home town. A few months later
my father caught a disease and he soon left us too. My mother was a strong woman, she kept me well fed
until she no longer could and then she left as well. All alone in my teenage years, I had nowhere to
go and nothing to do.

The first few days were full of hunger and sleep, but soon I knew I had to eat. I had heard that in many
native tribes a boy does not become a man until he feasts upon his first ever hunt and
truly the natives were right, the blood rush of my first ever kill taught me the basic laws of nature. I
could no longer care for the animals around me as long as they could replenish my hunger for I had
learned that only with the death of them could I survive.


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