For Yameena

This is for a new friend who I’ve really grown fond of over the past few months.

We are creatures of the dark,
yet only lights fill our spark.

We wait in sonder for the rising moon,
our footsteps filled in sorrow gloom.

And we roam in shadows watching the stars,
staring straight into darkness for hours and hours,
to find the light that is truly our’s.

Once we find it, our destiny will bloom.
The stars our guidence,
and we a silent Hume.

So find your light and let it guide you,
Soar to the skies and let them see through.

You’re a creature of the dark,
but you glow with veracity.
So show the world your flawless glee
and rise above, for you are,
Yummy… 🙂

Yameena, What i really wanted to say here is just dont be a shadow and let the shyness(even if it aint shyness) defy you, cause there is so much more about you.


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