The Martyr

there’s just no explanation for this piece of work. I’m pretty sure i don’t even like it to some extent, but i was bored i guess.


It was a bright summer morning. The radiant sun was gloriously placed in the middle of the sky. There in the middle of it all stood Rehan, staring at the sun in a challenging manner. If it were any other youthful boy of Rehan’s age he would’ve been afraid to damage his blessed eyes, but Rehan would never be worried about something so foolish. Rehan was blind and crippled. He hadn’t always been in this state of abnormality. Rehan actually belonged to one of the richest families in Karachi. He was a prince born in a democracy; rules were bent to his will. His father, a man of high titles in the government was the source of all his investments. Rehan had never seen a bad day in his life, until the day came when he couldn’t see at all.

It was a political matter. Rehan’s father had been found guilty of the highest levels of government corruption and the opposing party had bribed the judge of the harshest punishment possible. The aftermath of it all left Rehan and his mother alone on the streets without a home or any way to fulfill their hunger.

Rehan’s mother was also a woman of high pride. She believed her body could get her anywhere in this world and he had used it well in the past to capture Rehan’s father for her own purpose. She couldn’t bear the agony too long and oon also left Rehan for another conquest. She had seduced yet another vastly rich politician coincidently one of the politicians who had framed Rehan’s father. She mentioned nothing of a child o her new husband and Rehan was left all alone with nothing but the company of himself and dreams of his past.

Rehan had nothing left to live for, no purpose in fulfilling a life lived in greed. Rehan accepted his punishment, but did not lose his pride. Rehan knew that he was as good as death, but he did not cower away, he faced death with glory. Both of Rehan’s eyes had been donated to a girl whose family could not afford to show her the light of day. Nerve extractions had been willingly made from Rehan’s legs to help graft nerves for millions of crippled people.

Rehan stood up straight, the best way he could and stared right at the sun even though it was impossible to see its luminosity waiting for death to take a hold of him. He lived a life of greed and despair, but he died a martyr.

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