Man’s Love of Misery

okay, so i wrote this a while ago and just recently found it in a notebook. It’s got a few errors, almost like everything i post but i think its something I’m proud of.

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Man’s love of misery

Of men who bestow their blood to faith,

mystery I due,

a seer mistake.

For misery laughs in the blood of fate,

When aching slow

And devour great.

For men who lay with the soulless fume.

The strains of mercy,

boil and gloom,

and fear is sought,

in glittery dews,

to harness love in its hurtful lure.

For men desire desire the luxury of late,

through sheer cold,


and distaste.

For misery smiles,

in failure of frays.

The seraphims of earth,

Lay helpless in blades.

For destiny speaks in sour tones of straight.

There is no strength to conquer,

man’s love of misery and mistakes.


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