Diary Day #2 Of Galaxies in Development

Sooooo twinkies, it’s my second Thursday diary entry. The past week has just been exhausting, worrisome, tiring and all round a pain in the butt. As many might have seen the last update I posted. I’m currently working on apanel 2 pokemon sprite comic and it is just a huge pain. Just compiling sprites together for one scene takes hours and hours. Then there is resourcing, thinking up more scripts, animating. last week I spent about 8 hours on just on 4 panel comic and it still didn’t look great. Anyways this place is not for ranting I guess.

Apart form the sprite comic I’m also deeply engrossed in game dev for 2 flash games and an rpg, prepare for some future updates and download links for those. As far as writing goes, I guess I’ll still keep posting a story or a poem but there are some very good series planned out as well. There’s just a lot of future planning and development going on for this blog right now, hope all you twinkies out there get to see every single bit of it.Galaxy-on-Fire-2-Full-HD-Screenshots-0011

All of work is in one place, there is still some fun in my life. Over the past few days i’ve been really addicted to this game i recently got on the Ipad called Galaxy on Fire 2, while having kind of a stale storyline the game is pretty addicting, specially the fact that it lets you free roam the whole galaxy. I finished the main story in just two days and got add ons for a continuation. I’m still yet to reach the end but the game has me hooked. I dont know if i ts free to download or paid because i forgot, but if any of you twinkies has an Ipad you should definitely try this game. The galaxy needs some saving !


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