Acceptance (my first writting challenge)

So This will be my first time attempting a writing challenge, richardjford‘s weekly writing challenge ( even though they posted a story writing challenge i went ahead and wrote a poem since that is the genre where i find more comfort. I would like to call this poem “Acceptance” since it revolves around the theme of accepting other people’s opinions. I know its not the best work I’ve done but I’m proud with the result as this is my first time being restricted to keywords while doing poetry. The words i was to use in my writing were the following:

Noetic – of, or pertaining to the mind (adjective).
Guile – artful deception.
Philately – the collecting of stamps.
Fussbudget – a fussy or needlessly fault-finding person.
Vigilant – keenly watchful; wary.
Coxcomb – a conceited, foolish dandy; pretentious fop (fop meaning a vain man).
Plash – a gentle splash.



She leered a look of noetic guile,

judgmental in her stance

of my philately dimes.

I thought of her a fussbudget of a kind

yet i myself was of the coxcomb mind.

Wrapped in the knots of vigilant binds

I noticed not, our thoughts did combine.

And soon we saw not a single clash.

As she entered my world with a sweet plash


6 thoughts on “Acceptance (my first writting challenge)

  1. Ooh, “yet I was of the coxcomb mind”, absolutely love that line.
    I enjoyed reading this quote a lot – and I don’t normally enjoy poems!
    Thanks so much for taking part, it was a joy to read 🙂

      • I personally blame English at school where we get forced to annotate and analyse every single word… That kind of takes the fun out of it for you! But I shall try, thank you.

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