I Don’t Want To Miss A Dance

Sometimes i like poems that don’t follow a particular rhyme scheme and just flow freely like a person dancing out their heart’s content. This is such a poem by the soul searcher, give it a read

Art Tickles

I Don't Want To Miss A Dance

It was all quiet and peaceful in me
Could almost hear the faintest sound around me
Then I heard a beautiful music playing
My fragile heart began to sing
A desperate soul started crying.

My words, my voice were not enough
While humming the tunes, I started to create a movement
Attuned to the sweet melody booming inside my head
At times, in a rhythm of a jazz or an upbeat
Or in the intensity of hip-hop with shaking and racing heartbeat.

I admit I don’t sing or dance well
But for your sake, I will
I desire my every move to be synchronized with yours
And find myself passionately dancing with you
With so much grace, pouring my heart into.

Just wanting to enjoy the moment of being together
Inseparable, close to each other
Holding tight onto each other’s hands
Connected. Intertwined like three cords of a strand

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