NaPoWriMo Sadness (Announcement)

Soooooo… WordPress is celebrating a month of poetry writing. Its actually old news now since we’re already two weeks in, with many poets going strong with 30 day writing challenges and what not. What saddens me is that I, a very fond lover of poetry and all of its beautiful antics just can not participate. The reason behind this terribly sad occurrence is that I have loads of tests coming up (senior year ughhhhh). So I hardly have the time to write any poetry just for the heck of it.

Anyways, now that I’m done moping around lets get to the announcement part. So i cannot participate in NaPoWriMo… as a writer. I can however participate as a reader and therefore this announcement is just to inform you all of what’s to come. Since 2 weeks of this magnificent month have already passed I’m pretty sure lots of magnificent poetry has already been posted hence I shall be diving deep into the literary depths of WordPress searching for those marvelous pieces of rhythm and rhyme that have the power to turn words into feelings and feelings into magic. I’ll be posting a list of the best posts I’ve found by tomorrow and also one next week while sharing all the mentionable pieces i find throughout this journey, so we poetry fanatics can enjoy them together! 😀 


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