Diving Into A Sea of Peotry (NaPoWriMo poetry i like best)

So a quick announcement before i actually begin this post. Twinkie Talks now has an official twitter page https://twitter.com/TwinkieTalks1 follow for all updates 140 characters or less. If any of you have twitters we can surely interact too. I would love to get to know other bloggers on there.

Now for the actual post: About a day and a half ago i made an announcement sobbing about how i couldn’t participate in NaPoWriMo due to some personal commitments so i decided to dive deep into the dark depths of all the poetry posted in this beautiful month. I found many wonders, loads of funny content and much of the heartwarming rhymes did cross my eyes. I shared quite a lot of work from many different artists all equally intelligent in their wordplay and all equally unique but that was not all I was searching for. My true desire was to find poems that truly spoke to me on a much deeper level, poems that could touch my heart and set my feelings free. Following is a list of all such poems (in no particular order). For the views to be diverted to the deserving poet I shall not post any of the poems here only links to the original work and my comment on it. (the links are the titles of the poem, Click them! please and thank you ! )

1. Subconscious Warning

By. Journey In The Rhyme

journey in the rhyme is one person that has been in my reader for quite a while now, I fondly enjoy reading their work and look forward to it everyday. In this particular piece she describes a dream she once had, but the dream itself is so vastly vivid you can almost say that it may not be a dream at all. Furthermore what i love about this poem is that it can actually envelop feeling of fear and anxiety. My request to all of you who head over there is to, while reading the poem imagine the scenario as if it  were happening to you.

2. In Grace We Must

By. Poems and people

This blogger has inspired me dayin and day out. Their skills in poetry never stop to amaze, far beyond anything I could ever come up with and far ahead anything I’ve ever seen (their avatar picture also scares me but that’s irrelevant). In this poem they take on one of the hardest tasks known to poetry and that is the task of describing death, with grace. It is however a task that is very easy for this particular poet because they do it justly and beautifully in just four inspiring and awe-spiring lines of pure amaze. This is one poem in this list everyone should read and one poet everyone should follow.

3. Here Always

 By. The Turquoise Ink

It is a friend in need who is a friend in deed. An old saying that remains true no matter what circumstances. This blog highlights this point beautifully out of the eyes of a friend who gets deemed irrelevant many times than not. It is the exemplary use of paradox that I marvel upon in this poem as they go on to describe the feelings one feels in such a situation. If you have ever loved someone and have wanted to remain in their life no matter how small a role you play no matter how frequently you are remembered than this poem is for you.


By. Ellie Belfiglio

This is one poet within whom i recognize myself, their style of writing is quite similar to mine (if i had any exclusive fans they’d leave me for this person :S ). Though their style isn’t all why this poem is on this list. It speaks of a very peculiar feeling described through many actions, a feeling that is both mysterious and holy. The images described here are heavenly. All in all this poem does great justice to the peace of which it speaks and I think all of my readers should give it a go.

5. Composting Trouble (Sonnet)

 By. In Love Lust and Laughter 

This poem is what i would describe as a perfectly planned out, unfolding plot. It begins with graceful imagery but quickly insights impending doom which later wraps up beautifully into a lesson for life. A sonnet divided into two parts, one which speaks of the blossoming of life and one telling you about its demise but its leaves us witha great lesson that for anything new to start something else must perish and we too are a product of the perish-ment of our ancestors. My opinion of this poem seems to be that at least but one must give this one a thorough read for i do believe that everyone will form a different opinion and view after reading this one. It is always a bliss to find such poems on the internet.


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