Freestyle Poetry

So I sometimes just like to stare at an empty page hoping my mind will dew out rhymes on its own. I decided to post one of my mind’s residue this time, I might post more in the future if I feel creative. This poem shall not have a title since i cant decide what i want to call it really. any name suggestions will be very happily accepted though.


life is my only constant,

a fate that runs true.

withstanding all its harsh deeds

wishing they may lead to you.

But the shadows they still follow

lurking beneath my shoe.

intercepting each footstep.

they strive to make me fall through.

but i carry on, for my will is strong,

in hopes your touch will be my brew.


2 thoughts on “Freestyle Poetry

  1. “Life is my only constant”, a beautiful Line. I was moved as it sounds like it was born from deep within, genuine and raw. Keep writing freestyle, whenever you have a feeling about anything just dig into it and write it down 🙂

    • Thank You. I try to write something every time I have an emotion that needs to be expressed. There’s just something about expression through poetry and rhythm that can not be fulfilled through any other form of art.

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