Mindless Writings

This isn’t exactly an extract or even a quote. Its something I just wrote down through mindless writing. I may continue it if I want at a later date but for now it shall remain an incomplete spectacle only to be concluded by the curiosity of the readers thought.


“If it was love I would have admitted it an year ago” said Jacky with a gentle pain in his voice, “but love is such an understatement of the feelings that bulge inside me. This feeling it self cannot be defined by vocalization or language. It only travels in the tones of the heart.”

There were small glistening tears rolling down his face now. “If it was just mere love we would’ve already been over with it, done and dusted like a short winter day whose heat brings excitement and joy but ends with only cold silence emptiness.”

He looked right in to her eyes now. His vision was almost completely blurred from the stream of water supplied to his eyes by his over flowing emotions. “If it was love I wouldn’t want to feel your heart beat every living moment, I wouldn’t strive to my hardest to make your soul smile every second of every day. If it was just love I wouldn’t be willing to live through years of pain only so you could have a nanosecond of comfort.” Jacky was out of words now. He had an ocean’s worth of feelings that still needed to be conveyed but his tongue did not agree with his heart.


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