Something I Feel

Have you ever had an intense throbbing pain with in your chest. Like the weight of the decomposing world was suddenly put upon you and you, like a sinking brick have no way to remove this pain? Have you ever felt that something may be responsible for all this pain, something deep within you biting away at your divine being ? Have you ever felt this way? While wishing you could not feel again. (featured image: Pain by Anhen )


Something I Feel

Somethings string,

its getting closer.

I feel it now,

edging away on my skin.

It stings

with every bite,

with every touch

of its lone scythe.


Something hurts,

I feel it inside,

but what of this,

is of the divine?

And what of this

shall be defied?

is none of it,

from within my kind?


Somethings string.

its here-




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