Mindless Writing #2

She kept a face of indifference as she’d learnt to do all these years. She was done with the pain, done with the suffering. She had let herself fall into painless carelessness many mistakes ago. Here stood however that one little hand still pulling tightly trying to call her out of the sea of indifference. Like a single flicker of light, a miserly little firefly in everlasting oblivion. She knew not how to react to this revelation. Jacky had always been a friend, a glimmer of hope in this ever sorrowful world but she had never seen him as anything more, she had never allowed herself to.

Here she stood, her face still unchanged but her eyes starting to involuntarily water out. The human body always had its own mysterious way to express emotion whether the brain wanted it to or not. The dilation of pupils had always been considered as a side effect of viewing something pleasurable, something close to the viewers heart. That was exactly what she was viewing, she just didn’t know until that moment.

Jacky had always been a friend but he was never just any other friend he was one that was always there, one that would travel miles and miles through numbing cold just to see her smile. That was exactly what she valued what she’d always needed. She just hadn’t realized it before. Though she had always learnt to remain indifferent, she couldn’t quite protect her heart from letting this invader in. It wasn’t a troubling invasion though, not a like a tumor which rests inside you eating you out until you wither away, but like a soft twinkling tingle felt after being tickled.

She couldn’t control her body anymore, the sight of him tearing up in silence right in front of her was torturously unbearable she sprang forward into him and they both fell over. It was a completely new sentiment she felt now and the only way to express it was through the soft blush on her cheeks and the uncontrollable smile on her face.

They just sat there staring at each other in silence, no words were left to be spoken between them. They had finally found realization, peace and comfort, but in all these feeling the truly enchanted emotion they had finally acheived was everlasting happiness.


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