Iros Chronicles: The Warrior Princess Part I

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Iros, a kingdom glorious in name and age caught the eye of many covetous tyrants in its past. Millions tried to besiege the land of heroes, claim its beauty for their own and rid its citizens of their honor. None however were quite as successful at striking fear into the hearts of many as the assassins of Akhuna.

Akhuna was a small nation that resided wholly in mountainous tundras towards the north of Iros. There were never many battles fought by this nation and never had it threatened any other lands. Akhuna was mainly known for its nomadic herdsmen whom traveled to Iros almost regularly to sell off their animals in the local market. A strike so horrible and breathtaking was never quite expected from such a nation but the world truly is full of surprises.

It was a dark misty winter night when the stealthy invaders stormed the castle. They had entered the capital disguised as merchants the day before but as night fell they revealed their true shades. The 6 highly skilled assassins jumped the walls of the royal castle with complete silence and made their way in through a courtyard window without alerting a single guard. Not a second had passed before they made it to the young princess’ room.

Leah the young princess was in her playful age of youth. She wandered the courtyards in excitement and found adventure in every corner of the castle. This adventurous nature of hers was always a concern for her worrisome father, his highness, due to which he had hired the most excellent knight to guard her.

This truly was no ordinary knight, he vowed to protect the princess through day and night and never let harm find her way. He could hear the careful stealthy footsteps out the bedroom and knew the princess was in danger. He had dealt with assassins of this level before in his military years and was aware that behind those masks of darkness walked coward hearts who only needed to be revealed, so he signaled the watch guards through a window and made as much noise as he could.

The assassins thought the princess was awake. They could not afford to deal with a squealing child so they speed-ed ahead to the royal master bedroom where the king lay rest with his queen. The guards hurried up the castle to drive away the invaders who knew they did not have much time. Three of the assassins went to kill off the guards as they came while the remaining made sure the royal rulers’ rest was permanent. The castle security attacked and fell like slaughtered lamb and by the time reinforcements arrived it was too late.

The king had fallen and along with him, the entire nation. A few days later a governor was sent to watch over the lands and a new flag was raised above the heads of the peasants. Iros was no longer a nation but a colony governed by the Akhuna estate.

The assassins however forgot about one simple flaw in their master plan that day. They had left the young princess with air still in her tiny lungs and while the royal guards stormed the assassins in the king’s quarters the young princess escaped with her knight.


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