A Mysterious Scent

Something stank, like a dense heavy musk. It was faint but it was unbearable. He knew not from where it came, the only thing on his mind was how to get rid of it. He’d been at it for hours, smelling every corner of the room trying to locate the monstrosity.

It was driving him out of his senses and into a land of paranoia where he seldom wanted to be. Maybe its under the floor boards? Maybe its in the walls? All these questions raced through his head. He did not care of the look or structure of his house at this point. He had already thrown all his furniture out back and lit it up with oil. If the smell was in there it would have already burnt up. The only thing he had left was a little black container which he never dared touch. He didn’t like opening it because he only put things he didn’t like in there. This smell was surely going to end up in that box as well.

It was very intense now and he just could not control himself anymore. He took a large hammer and started to smash all the floor boards. The wood crackled to bits only reveal cement and pipes but the root of his problems was still a mystery.

He had given up now. He’d burnt all his furniture and tore up his whole house. There was nothing left to be done and he dare not open the box. The only thing he could do is rid his sense of it. That was exactly what he did. He grabbed a long silver knife and stabbed himself right in the nose. Blood gushed out in streams, at a moments notice it was everywhere. He kept stabbing until he could feel his face no more. As the last drops of his blood found its way out he was finally at peace because he could smell no more.

Two weeks later the police answered a backyard fire complaints to discover how a person had burnt all his furniture, tore up his floor boards and stabbed himself to death. The police concluded this to be an act of dementia. The police also found a covered container in the house and inside were the severed bodies of two little children who had recently gone missing. The box also contained a note which read: “I don’t like the human stink”.


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