Survival: Realization

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It had been days since I had named myself a murderer. I had lost my appetite for flesh; I kept my strength from the wild fruits and berries I found in the vegetation of the forest. Each morning, I would wake up stare out my window and see the new grave I had built, it was as if he was standing right there, pointing his finger right at my guilty face. My mind quarreled with sanity, as my heart tried to comfort me, making me believe my actions were self-defense. I was still a murderer none the less.

One quite lonesome morning, my father’s word’s echoed in my head “one must always be punished for his crimes.” When I had first heard my father’s insightful lesson I was too youthful to understand, but now the answer stood right in front of me. I was a criminal and I needed just punishment. I decided to head towards civilization, find one person and ask them to turn me in. I knew that there were roads heading out of our former Dihama; a metropolis just a few miles off the forest. I left my home, saying goodbye to my parents, not knowing if I would ever be able to return and headed towards my fate.


Hours passed, I kept walking towards the streetlights visible far off. At daybreak I finally heard the voice of another human and realized I was here. The voice was a scream though, one which startled me. My slow steps turned into fast agile strides. I finally got past the shadow of the vegetation to see the long asphalt road lying in front of me. The sight confused me direly, was I really near civilization? My view was no less then utterly barbaric. Crashed cars burning all over the road, screams from every direction and blood splashed everywhere. I was stunned by this distressful sight until I saw some people chasing a woman, she ran right past me and I took cover in the vegetation so the men chasing her will not see me. What followed completely surprised me, the men were all pale and green like the victim of my former actions, they walked with sheer hunger in their eyes, and as the woman stopped for a quick breath, they caught up with her and devoured the living flesh out of her, soon she rose too, among them as a human of the green.

The disgust and distress of what I had just seen completely frightened me and I ran as fast as I could back towards my home the only place I thought safe. I reached in half the time it took me to reach the road. My thoughts completely scattered. Had society and civilization really deteriorated into green beings who devoured every living thing in their path?

The next few days were all spent surrounding my home with fences; I didn’t want the “society” to destroy my father’s dream and my mother’s hard work.


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