Survival : The Dream

Okay, So A little update before we begin. This shall be the last installment of survival for a while now. The series however is anything but complete there is a lot of exciting new stuff to come. For now I am about to begin an amazing new project which will hopefully be a new high for both myself and twinkietalks. Also, for more updates on this mysterious new project join twinkietalk’s official new facebook page. Enjoy !

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The Dream


It had been months since my realization of the truth. I no longer felt ashamed of my actions during my encounter with one of the members of the world’s new society. I believed I was the only human left alive and ensured my security well. Never did I turn on my father’s light, so no evil beings would find their way to me. I surrounded the whole shed with fences and traps. I collected wood and stone all for the purpose of making weapons. My safety was perfect; no one would disrupt my world now.


I lived in peace for many days until my thoughts finally showed me something I had ignored all this time. The woman I had seen running. She was like me. She was human, a real human. I realized what I had been keeping away from my mind all along. There could still be more people out there. More people like me, fighting for their safety and survival. I decided to make a little visit to the city.


It was my first time leaving the boundary I had made around my house. I was fully prepared. Three wooden carved swords and my trusty bow with almost 60 arrows. I wore the fresh leather of a cow I had slain earlier that day so that no one would smell my human stink over the smell of cow. I left at daybreak and walked peacefully towards the direction of the road.


It took quite a long time but I was finally there, the place of my revelation, the place I realized what had come of this world. I spent no time with my thought this time; I remained hidden in the vegetation and ran as quick as I could towards the city in the backdrop. Running as swiftly as my body allowed I suddenly came to an abrupt stop. I heard fast pacing footsteps behind me. I turned around slowly and saw them all. The green wretched creatures had seen me. They had been following me, in their own dreadful footsteps all along. I decided I could not simply outrun them. So for the first time in my life I killed without guilt, it was just as if slaying for food, but this time the purpose was not hunger, it was survival. Soon I was covered in blood and my heart beat in vast strokes. I had obliterated all of them, it felt wrong but it also felt like a huge achievement. The blood rush was greater than any I had felt before. This was my drug, my way to euphoria.


I was soon near my destination. I had met with a few of the greens along the way, but none put up a fight. The city lay open in flames. I heard screams and growls from everywhere. The tall buildings all lay empty, lifeless. There were definitely still people here, but saving them was beyond measure at this time. I turned back without disturbing the new civilians of the city but that day I gained something new. I gained a purpose, a dream. I had to save humanity from this new plague, I had to save the inhabitants of Dihama from their new neighbors. I had to liberate this dreadful city and return it to glory!


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