The Price of Life (Daily Prompt)

I seldom ever write stories for daily prompts but this one just seemed appropriate. The premise provided stated that an additional hour had been added to the day making the day 25 hours long, How would one use this additional hour in their life?(try it yourself here) Enjoy ! (featured image: To Be a Father By Oddsuns)

The Price of Life

to_be_a_father_by_nomar42-d3bkvsrI once lived a life of peace. No worries no troubles. Just drifting slowly at a silly moment’s ease. Then you entered this little bubble I called life. A fickle little creature suddenly suckling with life. You had my eyes on a face as angelic as the divine. You needed guidance, a helping hand to get you by. my days I spent, staring at your beautiful little face just watching the hours walk away as silently you lay.


I was informed soon about a sickness eating away at your soul. A monster within that disrupt your very living. The days got colder suddenly as the fevers you had, made their way in. Fevers so high they made hell seem like an icy depth with in.

A crumpling thought of losing you entered the fray. Hope though, still remained. The life you were to live could still be saved, the agony caused could still be forgotten. Good things however, never come cheap. The price stated was much more than I had ever seen paid. My longing for you was worth much more.

So I went into the depths of the what the world refers to as labor and I give in all of my perspiration in hopes to see you spend your days like I once did. 24 was just a number, as the clock ticked by. My “work” got me to new heights but my heart never cared for such worldly lies. I only wished to pay in full a price; a price that truly meant life. I longed so hard for all of it to be done for these days of prolonged patience to end. I would hear of you sometimes, how you had recovered at a marvelous pace, but the price of life still remained un-tilt. My 24 was just a number to be passed by till the day I finally got to see you.

Then they created a new extension. A power extending time itself. A 25 hour day they say, an extra hour to live free. They all roam in excitement with dreams of what they want to be. They ask me too, how I would spend this extra hour in my day. I already know the answer. I’ll use it to see the smile on your little face.


3 thoughts on “The Price of Life (Daily Prompt)

  1. It would have been depressing if it hadn’t been for what seemed to be a positive ending; I took the last line to mean that they both made it through, even if I’m not sure how the extra hour helped them.

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