Comatose Dream

So what if Halloween is gone doesn’t mean i cant still write some dark poetry. This poem is somewhat aimed towards children, though no child should ever read it. It is supposed to be laid out and read like a nursery rhyme of sorts, since nursery rhymes are supposed to show children images of life i thought I might write a more “true” version of one. So enjoy this peace. (image: slumber by Hengki24)


“Comatose! And all that is hell.” 


Comatose Dream

Gather  round and hear me tell:

the tales of cryptic lies that fell.

When summers due in autumn’s hale

the tales that come to life must -vail.

And through these sorrow eyes we see

the truer life we seldom breathe.

So fear child, the life that comes

in the agony that shatters none.

The tales that I shall speak to thee,

no one must tell of truer deeds.

When end approaches fear not here

for to this life, death is dear.

When they say, hearken!

Tremble in fear,

They wish you not but life’s adhere.

When mother sleeps

and father smells,

remember how i told you there.

For they are pawns in games above,

knowing not, what life is here.

And touch me not for when they ask;

i saw you not but in the past.

So hear me child as i say near.

Leave me not if so you hear.

This life you live is full of them;

Skeletons free to all who dare.

Here you stay in peace from death

a sleep so slender,

only you can tell.


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