Your Journey

Sometimes There is really nothing to say but just to express a determination in a heart that bleeds to be.

Your Journey

Never let it take over you.

The rise may be to highs

you’ve never seen before,

but inside you are only

the lonesome little beggar you’ll always be.

Take a bow to all the watchers

and wish them luck in their hypocritical lives

but never follow their steps

to burrows they use to climb high.

The ecstasy may get a hold of you

but never let the addiction drive your emotions by,

only slumber in the momentous bliss

with a sword ready by your side.

The beasts never truly stop their haunting trails

to stop your beat.

You must carry on through the lands

that throw you in the dungeons

for the emotions they find as treachery.

You must express and exterminate;

and end all the fear that keeps you toiled inside.

You travel the road of an ordinary journey

and that is forever what it’ll be,

but never be ordained

by the ones that just let you be.

Fight on for who you lead to be,

forget the sorrows

that drowned you down

to hell where you were born to be.

You deserve the heavens

even if they drive you out

to the deepest ends of the sea.

Let your sword stride high,

 take what you can achieve.

Take a bow once more

but thank them never

for they did nothing

to get you to where you truly wanted to be.


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