This is a response to a daily prompt challenge here


beep beep boop,

the sound of a tiny little digital monster

 that needed your help to live.

beep boop beep

the strings of coded digital care that ceased to be.

beep beep beep

the cherishment of a digital friend

that never let go.

beep beep boop

the strings of digital love

that let us all believe.

it taught us to care

it taught us to admire

it taught us worry

for a pixellated desire

in the end we outgrew

the care that neede to be

we became humans

who never cared

for the helpless tamagotchi 

Image Credits : angelkittin


2 thoughts on “Digi-Life

  1. Oi, I had totally forgotten the existence of these gizmos, they drove me crazy with having toucher for them while the children were at school. They were more demanding than the children. 🙂 Linda

    • I stopped giving mine attention once I got my kitty but I found one in a drawer a few months ago brought back so much they would beep in my pocket everywhere the family hated it but I loved the helpless little thing

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