Third Degree Burns

The most beautiful thing I have read for a really long time.


This hole is where my skin once was,
Tucked under layers of skin and tissue,
Really, it isn’t that big of an issue,
I’m a woman and my skin is my jewel,
But my jewel isn’t mine to own.
I am my father’s pride that he
Will one day wed away.
I am my husband’s self respect,
I should live my life the way they want.
The birth givers, bread winners,
The heroes of the house.
Where I am a civilian waiting to be saved
So I can owe them my life and my body.
They say we shouldn’t cry over spilt milk
But what about acid?
See, milk doesn’t burn.
But acid, it erases all you’ve learned,
About patience and tolerance
And love, peace and all
Those pointless lessons about humanity.
Everything is distorted, contorted
And nothing makes sense.
Your face, your hands, they’re nothing more than skin

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