The Ending.

The Ending.

In symphony comes

the day of  the reckoning.

The silence of some,

the screams of the happening.

The sour flows,

in the eyes of the beholding.

The envious glow,

of the might, and the shattering.

We seek to forgive.

For the forgiveness that blesses.

We seek to forget,

the troubles of our wrecking.

The light of One shines

and we see the approaching.

The strike of the last stroke,

the last page of our story.

in the book of the ending.

Image Credits: ReyeD33


2 thoughts on “The Ending.

  1. Poetry reading is unique as the poet must set a scene quickly as is done here in The Ending and oftentimes create an apex and an ending quickly unlike novels that have long chapters to set scenes and develop characters. Is The Ending referring to end of life on Earth or end of life in the afterlife, such as going to Hell? I’m interested in others perception to this question (I have my own theory).

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