The Cases of Life

this is a response to a daily prompt here


Black leather covering, etched in silver sides, filled with paper, legal documents and a hint of vodka. The first suitcase I ever came across was my father’s. Only saw it a few times though, the same can be said of its owner.

Large, brown, torn up and stitched together with patchy holes filled with memories and love. A perfect storage for the day, a comfy bed and blanket for the night. The suitcase we lived out of in a spark of homelessness.

Pink, linen edges, sparkly glittering overlay with, layered with stickers and pictures. My travel companion, a little piece of satisfaction as I headed off to college.

Stripes, red and blue with purple shades, stringy sides and a patchy blend. A portion for all your hip new needs and a laptop side for the business package. My shelter in the bustling life of youthful employment.

Wooden, jet black, a comfy soft interior, fit for a life well lived. The final suitcase I acquired. A coffin with its own storage desire.


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