this is in response to a daily prompt here


*click*click* another moment captured of a faceless face-ful creature, dwelling in a fair human body admired for their outer skin.

*click*click* they go ticking, reinforcing the desire, giving statistical “like” value to a facade of an appearance. raising the esteem’d above, drowning the un-forgiven below.

How many people did you fool today, little monster? How many heats did you devour? How many eyes did you gouge? How many of them, in fear, did cower ?

Do they no longer see your lack of soul? They walk aimlessly towards you, like a goddess for their holy worship, only to kneel to the devil in disguise.

Is this all your ruse? Do you intend to devour them all ? how long until you break ? how long until another monster comes along? A more delightful creation, rendering you rancid?

Remember little creature, even the perfect storm, must come to an end.


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