Day 1: Flight Turmoil.

I took off late at night almost 5am, might as well call it morning. With over packed luggage filled with well-wishes and protection, its a good thing airport detectors don’t scan for those otherwise I would never be allowed in. I was still petrified of security, when you have the prospective of an individual trying to leave a country for a good 4 years, envious beings are bound to try anything to stop them and that was exactly what I feared.

Like previous posts, I will spare nothing when it comes to the spoiled treasure that is my home land, filled with venomous demons disguised in human flesh. You fear officials at every corner, people meant to help out and aid your travel will only strike you down where-ever they can in order to earn just a bit more petty cash than their salary allows. From traffic officers to airport security, they may try any foul tactic in order to make you pay a simple fee (bribe) and be on your way. Obviously I hate having to spend on bribery, but when forced into it (like them literally searching your wallet for hidden items and you losing a few bucks in the process) you really do have to comply. This rant ends here.

Not actual take off photograph

Thankfully I faced no such issues and I was on the plane with a few spare change I didn’t expect to make it past the terminal. Ready for takeoff now, the sun almost kissing the bottom of the horizon, I stepped on the plane, gracing the metal sides with my palms for good luck.

Got into my seat, a middle aged father on one side and a twenty something business woman on the other; Horrible Oscar winning movies on the screen in front and all I could think off was the land awaiting my arrival as I dozed off to the sweet sounds Ed Sheeran in my ears.



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