Day 4: Taste of the Land.

Okay so these days may not fully be in chronological order, by that I mean I may skip a few days in between where nothing happens. Day 4 takes place approximately 2 days after day 3.

My new roommate and I had been exploring the campus for a few days, we’d seen the ins and the outs and the huge library. BTW, the library is HUGE though I still couldn’t find the
fiction section, so there’s surely a visit left. There is however a shelf on manga and here, have a picture!


So aside from the massive departments on campus, there was this whole different world outside the walls ( AOT reference for all you manga fans) which we wanted to see, and who better to take us than a senior. img-20170114-wa0001

It was decided, that we ride out at dusk (on a bus) and go to the city center, after 30
minutes of anticipation and a bit of stomach grumbling, here we were, the heart of the city,  lantern lighting all around and busy faces just strolling by. It was beautiful and nothing like I’d imagined, not large enough to be a concrete jungle but not too tiny to just be a village center, just the right amount of balance to give you the warm city street feel.

Our stomach’s groaned louder as the smell of delicious street food filled the air, everything from sweet corn to deep fried ice cream just sending whispers to our nostrils.

The senior however, knew just the spot for a bunch of broke newbies and there we went. I’d been deeply craving and missing all the Asian spices and he was surely aware of it.

We arrive in this small open seating shack shop with a full view kitchen and a family of humble business owners and cooks. Our hearty meal prepared right in front of our eyes in the coolest way.


Remember how I mentioned a spicy nostalgia, well as you can probably see (if the image loaded) there was this jar of chilies on our table, and I’m pretty sure we left it half full after we were done. Our first full meal in an unknown land filled with mystical deliciousness, I could finally say, I had tasted the treasures of this European land and now I was finally glad to be here.


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