Limbo in the void,

where the dark meets the light

in shadows of eternal sunshine

lies in wait, of the horrid kind.

destined for the agony

a new ceremonious celibacy cries.

in the everlasting wait for demise

the melding melded heart solemnly dies.


Wondering Thought


What defines humanity ?

the lust of creation,

the question of damnation,

or the curiosity of the seeking mind?

What aches Humanity ?

the desecration of ideals,

the moral compass of illumination,

or the helpless wonders of the lonely kind ?

Our innocence is merely tremor-ed,

defiled by the numbness of the aching mind.

The curiosity destroyed

in the eyes of the sulking child.

Moral ideals shattered,

only to find forgiveness

through non-existent divine.

What destroyed humanity?

The barren walls of the dying mind.



in the ever lasting sees of green,

live lives combed into shrubbery.

but we found the roots of empathy,

growth to rise, in photo-sympathy.

you lead my leaves out to the gray.

you urged me to be unique

then turned into an evergreen.

fell back into the blooms

of the lasting greener moons.

Shedding frays, with your felt in touch of grace.

I blossomed on into the cherry leaves.

while you stood there,

bursting at the seams.

We grew apart in exchanging motion.

You took my time away with devotion,

as I watched you fade,

back into green.

So Write


Overwhelmed Mind,

what agonies do lead to thy sorrow.

Entrenched deep withing your neural cortex,

Lie the secrets, with which hormonal hearts collide.

Sorrowful anxious mind,

these pasts they burrow,

deepened through time,

filled with the sinus of the morose mind.

Oh optimistic thinking style,

Why is thy anger so futile?

Yet short lived in the heavy hearts of the fine.

You lay in ditches aswell,

seeping through poison,

of the positive kind.

O minds when you shall each collide,

creating personalities,

bringing tears to their eyes.

In the writers mind,

the philosophical fallacies combine.

characters rummaging in a fumigated brine.

so write.

Flow out with the treasuries,

of thy own ruined mind.

Osiris Rose


Petals of the crescent

lay bloom a heartless glow.

Shivers through the lone-some,

red tips to light the soul.

Each heavy with the sorrow,

burning inward with its grim.

Osiris smiles upon thee

in a hollow shaken whim.

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