in the ever lasting sees of green,

live lives combed into shrubbery.

but we found the roots of empathy,

growth to rise, in photo-sympathy.

you lead my leaves out to the gray.

you urged me to be unique

then turned into an evergreen.

fell back into the blooms

of the lasting greener moons.

Shedding frays, with your felt in touch of grace.

I blossomed on into the cherry leaves.

while you stood there,

bursting at the seams.

We grew apart in exchanging motion.

You took my time away with devotion,

as I watched you fade,

back into green.


Approaching Haze


Approaching Haze

The earnest winds

of the summer glaze,

carry the scent

of an Autumn haze.

The heated embrace

of the halcyon days,

invite hunger,

for terror’s dismay.