Wondering Thought


What defines humanity ?

the lust of creation,

the question of damnation,

or the curiosity of the seeking mind?

What aches Humanity ?

the desecration of ideals,

the moral compass of illumination,

or the helpless wonders of the lonely kind ?

Our innocence is merely tremor-ed,

defiled by the numbness of the aching mind.

The curiosity destroyed

in the eyes of the sulking child.

Moral ideals shattered,

only to find forgiveness

through non-existent divine.

What destroyed humanity?

The barren walls of the dying mind.


Blackout Poetry: War

Blackout poetry 1

From Creation

From Creation

From the mists

that tint the morning blue,

to the essence

that sweetens honey dew.

From the forces

that shape the mountains

to the winds

that caress the forest leaves.

In all of these creations

only beauty runs through.

Life itself is lost in the fog,

but the feelings run true.

In all of nature’s decree however,

no feelings are as special,

as the heavens that made you.

Image Credits: Volture