With wonder in his eyes

and a snotty little nose,

leapt out of the wilderness

a little boy of hope.

gazing vastly at the horizons,

amazed at the unison of the skies and sea.

He felt a deep growing agony

a void within the stormy seas,

to  be filled with love and sanctity.

Then came the swivel,

of the cold winter breeze,

carrying with it a precious little snowflake,

a structure, from the infinitely unique.

The boy found excitement in the cold,

and shivered on to keep hold,

of this mesmerizing creature

that brought wonder in galore.

But the winds would not blow a lifetime

and the winter would soon ashore

the intricate structure slowly melting,

leaving only a moist reflection,

in the tears that wished for more.

Agony replaced the bowels of wonder

and the excitement was drowned in the flooded gloom.

A dire soul with a sulking head

raised up to the sky

to find a glimmer of hope.

The twinkles did earnestly respond

and an enlightened heart, brought up once more.

Stargazing in admiration,

the misery was swept by the glazing oars.

lit up by the infinite lights

a kindred soul chased a falling being once more.

With arms stretched to the horizon

glimpses of unison were finally abode.

But the skies were truly unreachable

and shooting stars much farther than ones arms could hope.

the light was never for the wondering

and the fascination was confined to the night light

leaving as soon as dawn kissed the edge-less hole.

the darkness lay siege once more

with a morning light of sorrow

cast upon the dreaming fool.

no wonder left to hope,

no skies to hold in dreams of ‘morrow.

Only then, came the burning feel.

A flickering splinter

struggling to keep its speed.

An admiration was found again,

as he chased the descending entity,

before it burnt up in whole.

A fire dimly burning

lit up in an ever colding heat.

As he felt the burn on his fingertips

it was fascination that grew anew.

Two damaged little flickers

burning each other out of gloom.

One with varying admiration

coupled with a struggling ray of hope.

They would surely burn up together.

A calming halcyon to be restored.




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From Hunger,

to lust,

to the unforgivable envy,

that drives our thirst.

It is merely survival,

that heathens take to snow.

Burning flames of the living,

burning flesh of the gore.

This is in response to the Miniature Writing Challenge 


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A mystic land

of everlasting grace,

to shower upon us

its ever glimmering embrace.

A responsibility,

to protect the holy face.

An inner desire,

to launch havoc

in its place.

Vising thundering fire,

blazing all in its embrace,

a lasting dream of the past,

in the present’s dishonored gaze.

Sins of Corruption

Sins of Corruption

The oozing corruption

that spawns all your ambition,

curses the love,

that sparks the rhythm.

This dire desire,

that finds, will in your decision,

eats only the past

that built to be forgiven.

This lasting lustrous conqueror

only seeks fortune over your hunger,

it gluttons the soul

of your ever-lightful ire.

So leave the pride.

of this sinful desire,

or reckon yourself,

with the blazing hell fire.

Freestyle Poetry

a poem for the ones in struggle fighting for their peace. Run through the hardships and let your lives be free because even when trouble catches up may your hearts content keep you moving on.


In these gentle arms i rest,

the breeze that touches

silver sweat.

Security is a slumber mess,

but in the warmth we lay unscathed.

The irony shall play it through,

when fires burn in ice blue

and frozen over shall we rest.

Warmth at heart,

in shiny dread.


Am I of The Dead?

So this poem is inspired by anime again. The series is called “Another” if anyone has seen it. I’ve been watching it between study breaks and it got me wondering a bit about life and death and how do we even define ourselves as dead or alive ? Enjoy ! I hope its not too dark. (image credits: http://tampopo-25.deviantart.com/ )

Am I of The Dead

they say the dead,

have a shocking cold touch.

A slither of snow

from the heavens above.

they say we burn

in the iciest of flames.

When the sun begins to fade

giving death its re-claim,

but i see no flames

in this radiance of light.

I see no fear in this broken ice.

then how is it,

the dead remain?

And how do we tell,

of who they proclaim?

City of the liars

Quick pair of couplets that just popped in my head out of nowhere, so i thought i’ll share them with you all. (you may add on to this if you want)

City of the Liars

There is a city

that aches for the fire.

Far beyond the content of eyes.

a city of the liars.