We call upon them,

in times of need.

Desolate creatures,

filled with hectic sleaze.

We define their worth,

in worthy estates.

With loves ablaze

and cares to our dismay.

Friends to lovers to-

heroic blood sucking monsters.

We name them all.

When its only the heart

that may truly be displayed.


The Art of the Blade

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The Art of The Blade

Steady your sword

for times to come

ready your sword

for the rain of blood.

Tighten your grip

when comrades fall around.

Tighten your heart

for traitors amidst.

Smoothen your swing

for the millions to cut

Lighten your swing

for mistakes to come.

Earn your ranks in class

fine your discipline in heart.

Never let their eyes dispel

The spirit that drives away this hell.