The painted tips,

the scented flow,

of the river banks

with infinite links.

The sweet burn of cold.

A supper made for silk.

A journey that has no end,

in a forest rid of guilt.


The Sinful Heart’s Plea

Alright! So its been a while since i posted, but hopefully that will stop now since i’m finally free from the clutches of higher studies. This poem is inspired by a lot of religiously regretful poems i have come across today, hopefully it doesn’t prove to be too dark. (featured image credits:

The Sinful Heart’s Plea

love lust and misery,

are all the same to me.

The pain i feel,

is crueler than treachery.

I heed but not this symphony

for i love the pain of agony.

So shower unto me

your tyranny,

for I deem myself unworthy

of your sympathy.