With wonder in his eyes

and a snotty little nose,

leapt out of the wilderness

a little boy of hope.

gazing vastly at the horizons,

amazed at the unison of the skies and sea.

He felt a deep growing agony

a void within the stormy seas,

to  be filled with love and sanctity.

Then came the swivel,

of the cold winter breeze,

carrying with it a precious little snowflake,

a structure, from the infinitely unique.

The boy found excitement in the cold,

and shivered on to keep hold,

of this mesmerizing creature

that brought wonder in galore.

But the winds would not blow a lifetime

and the winter would soon ashore

the intricate structure slowly melting,

leaving only a moist reflection,

in the tears that wished for more.

Agony replaced the bowels of wonder

and the excitement was drowned in the flooded gloom.

A dire soul with a sulking head

raised up to the sky

to find a glimmer of hope.

The twinkles did earnestly respond

and an enlightened heart, brought up once more.

Stargazing in admiration,

the misery was swept by the glazing oars.

lit up by the infinite lights

a kindred soul chased a falling being once more.

With arms stretched to the horizon

glimpses of unison were finally abode.

But the skies were truly unreachable

and shooting stars much farther than ones arms could hope.

the light was never for the wondering

and the fascination was confined to the night light

leaving as soon as dawn kissed the edge-less hole.

the darkness lay siege once more

with a morning light of sorrow

cast upon the dreaming fool.

no wonder left to hope,

no skies to hold in dreams of ‘morrow.

Only then, came the burning feel.

A flickering splinter

struggling to keep its speed.

An admiration was found again,

as he chased the descending entity,

before it burnt up in whole.

A fire dimly burning

lit up in an ever colding heat.

As he felt the burn on his fingertips

it was fascination that grew anew.

Two damaged little flickers

burning each other out of gloom.

One with varying admiration

coupled with a struggling ray of hope.

They would surely burn up together.

A calming halcyon to be restored.



Day 2 Part II: Language Barriers

So I arrive through the domestic terminal of my destination and await my baggage. It took about an hour to realize that it really wasn’t gonna come through. I kept standing there after everyone got their luggage and left giving me pitied and concerned looks. I was a wreck. What if my luggage never made it on to the second plane? 

Luckily there was a lost baggage counter right around the corner filled with about 50 identical looking hand-bags, none of which were mine. Thankfully, the woman could also understand a bit of english and tld me to sprint all the way across the airport to the international customs where my luggage most probably was. So I run across along the outside of the airport and re-enter at the international terminal, where I had to struggle with a non-English speaking guard and explain how I’d arrived through domestic but was actually an international traveler.img_20170105_135008315_hdr

So there I am, with my 30kg heavy suitcase refusing to be easily dragged across the rigid airport floor. I took a deep breath, put on my coat and beanie and snapped this pic of long due for replacement Christmas

And then stepped out the doors and into the snow covered pavement. This is what freezing temperature felt like, something I’d never witnessed before. With a frozen jaw and numb ear cartilage I dragged my luggage down the path to the taxi park area.

Going down the lane one by one asking every driver if they spoke English. Almost gave up by the end of it, trying to explain to them where I was headed and struggling to use google translator on the fly, while it refused to recognize their accents or whatever they were saying.

The aforementioned snowy pavement.

I finally get to this one guy who says “yes yes English” good enough for me, I think to myself. Starting to explain the name of my university which I didnt know was also just the name of the area of the city the university is in. So while I’m struggling with my cab driver to be, a person overhears my struggle and asks if I’m in need of translation. A god sent professor coincidentally from the same university where I was headed, he was waiting for someone whom I assumed was his lover, because in his hands was a nice little bouquet filled with tulips and daisies ( another reminder of how I’d left Asia and was deep in the depths of Europe). He explained to the driver where I needed to go and also explained to me how much he should charge me, anything more and I was clearly being mugged (I’d been mugged by SIM salesmen already so I took this warning to heart).

BTW, I think this deserves a mention, my driver was really into Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas, kept playing them over and over.

The journey was about 40 mins long and all I could do was adore the white pure luscious imagery around me. Everything from the trees to the streets covered in glistening moisture. The towers, mosques and church bells all hailing as pillars of warmth arising from the dusk beneath.

I was finally here after a long tiresome and nerve wracking trip, my registration process went smoother than expected and in only a short freight of luggage dragging strength I was in my dorm and ready to rest.

BONUS: Too calm my nerves down a bit, I also happened to spot a little kitty at the entrance of the dorm, whom I picked up and greeted with love, she later followed me into my room and spent the whole day there. *Marvel post credit announcement* this cat will return in future posts. 




Day 3: A Walk To Remember

So day 2 went by in a tired storm, I knew a few people here and was able get one to order me food for the night. None of that would happen on day 3 though, so I needed some groceries.

I discovered that there was a good grocery store around a mile away and a bus can take you half way there, to the main gate of the university, which he door was just outside. So I get up early, with my coat, muffler, beanie and everything else and get going to the closest bus stop. If it were that simple though, I wouldn’t even mention it in this post.

So I wait for the next bus, unbeknownst to me where the bus goes or how even to get on. (the in campus buses are free you just need to swipe your card) When the bus finally gets there, I proceed to get on and suddenly the bus driver stops me and starts to say something in his language that might as well be gibberish, he probably was just telling me to scan in my card but in the panic of the moment I just step off.

A mile isn’t too far, I could probably walk it,worst thought I’ve ever had, but the next bus would be in 30 mins and I didn’t wanna try and communicate with the next driver so I just started pacing in the general direction, It wasn’t too bad, got a bit of a walk in and didn’t really hurt much either.

well, at least the walkway scenery was pretty.

So here I was, a massive grocery warehouse, I hadn’t seen one this big since my childhood days in Australia. I take out my list (and the calculator app on my phone) and get at it.

The real trouble wasn’t the accusation of said groceries (even though I had to budget and leave a lot behind ) It was getting these 4 huge plastic bags back to the dorm. So the bus does also come very close to this store to take kids back to mid campus, but on the second day I was still very much unaware. I’d dug my grave and I was gonna lie in it.

10 kilo grams, 1.1 miles, 10+ thousand steps and some very very sore feet later, I made it back, but boy was that a journey. At one point I was ready to just lie down in the snow and live there, I mean I had the supplies to survive, and surely my coat and beanie would keep me warm at night. Halfway through, a couple in a car did try to help me out, too bad I didn’t understand a word they said and they would probably say the same. So I walked the whole way back, getting weird looks by many strangers along the way. A few cab drivers also stopped in attempts to get me in, but I wasn’t ready to over pay just to avoid what I thought wouldn’t be too bad.

So I finally make it to the dorm room door, completely hopeless and tired, ready to pretty much call it quits, drop out and start selling popcorn from a cart back home. When I open the dorm room door, another surprise is there to greet me, a good one this time. Another individual from Asia, who spoke my language and greeted me right away. He probably couldn’t tell but I was definitely internally beaming with delight. I didn’t have to go through all this trouble alone, finally someone who could communicate with me, someone who probably felt the same barriers I did. Finally there was some remorse!


Am I of The Dead?

So this poem is inspired by anime again. The series is called “Another” if anyone has seen it. I’ve been watching it between study breaks and it got me wondering a bit about life and death and how do we even define ourselves as dead or alive ? Enjoy ! I hope its not too dark. (image credits: http://tampopo-25.deviantart.com/ )

Am I of The Dead

they say the dead,

have a shocking cold touch.

A slither of snow

from the heavens above.

they say we burn

in the iciest of flames.

When the sun begins to fade

giving death its re-claim,

but i see no flames

in this radiance of light.

I see no fear in this broken ice.

then how is it,

the dead remain?

And how do we tell,

of who they proclaim?