Dew of Dawn


Mildewed starry mornings

of ashen laden dirt.

Glistening silver pavements,

in the ever-crusting rust.

Moistened tips of gloominess,

in the pleasant slumber sung.

A sleepless soul in solitude,

seeking refuge from the sun.


Inside the Outer Layer


Inside the Outer Layer

Boulders bludgeoning the bulky.

In submission they lay,

burning through the worthy.

An empty mouthful,

of solid un-swallowed waste.

A burning tempting desire,

for a forbidden accepting embrace.

A lack of inner strength,

in the outer idyllic gaze.

All Souls


All souls taste death.

But death comes before life itself.

We reap together in sorrow,

each soul in its agony.

Writhing away in the pain,

the unending pledge of misery.

All souls light up in courage,

the boys get beaten,

the girls get raped.

We are never truly let go,

a hellish existence constricting

every sentence of the story,

ending with periodic failure.

We can slither together,

huddle up in the warmth,

but the cold is ever lasting,

it picks us off one by one.

All souls cower at the hands of fear

where lust wears emotion

and we are conquered by the journeyed few.

they end our dreamless love

in a fathomed experienced blow.

All souls taste death,

but all souls live through death.