The painted tips,

the scented flow,

of the river banks

with infinite links.

The sweet burn of cold.

A supper made for silk.

A journey that has no end,

in a forest rid of guilt.


Day 3: A Walk To Remember

So day 2 went by in a tired storm, I knew a few people here and was able get one to order me food for the night. None of that would happen on day 3 though, so I needed some groceries.

I discovered that there was a good grocery store around a mile away and a bus can take you half way there, to the main gate of the university, which he door was just outside. So I get up early, with my coat, muffler, beanie and everything else and get going to the closest bus stop. If it were that simple though, I wouldn’t even mention it in this post.

So I wait for the next bus, unbeknownst to me where the bus goes or how even to get on. (the in campus buses are free you just need to swipe your card) When the bus finally gets there, I proceed to get on and suddenly the bus driver stops me and starts to say something in his language that might as well be gibberish, he probably was just telling me to scan in my card but in the panic of the moment I just step off.

A mile isn’t too far, I could probably walk it,worst thought I’ve ever had, but the next bus would be in 30 mins and I didn’t wanna try and communicate with the next driver so I just started pacing in the general direction, It wasn’t too bad, got a bit of a walk in and didn’t really hurt much either.

well, at least the walkway scenery was pretty.

So here I was, a massive grocery warehouse, I hadn’t seen one this big since my childhood days in Australia. I take out my list (and the calculator app on my phone) and get at it.

The real trouble wasn’t the accusation of said groceries (even though I had to budget and leave a lot behind ) It was getting these 4 huge plastic bags back to the dorm. So the bus does also come very close to this store to take kids back to mid campus, but on the second day I was still very much unaware. I’d dug my grave and I was gonna lie in it.

10 kilo grams, 1.1 miles, 10+ thousand steps and some very very sore feet later, I made it back, but boy was that a journey. At one point I was ready to just lie down in the snow and live there, I mean I had the supplies to survive, and surely my coat and beanie would keep me warm at night. Halfway through, a couple in a car did try to help me out, too bad I didn’t understand a word they said and they would probably say the same. So I walked the whole way back, getting weird looks by many strangers along the way. A few cab drivers also stopped in attempts to get me in, but I wasn’t ready to over pay just to avoid what I thought wouldn’t be too bad.

So I finally make it to the dorm room door, completely hopeless and tired, ready to pretty much call it quits, drop out and start selling popcorn from a cart back home. When I open the dorm room door, another surprise is there to greet me, a good one this time. Another individual from Asia, who spoke my language and greeted me right away. He probably couldn’t tell but I was definitely internally beaming with delight. I didn’t have to go through all this trouble alone, finally someone who could communicate with me, someone who probably felt the same barriers I did. Finally there was some remorse!


Welcome to Tirrania

This is in response to a daily prompt, you can try it here. I might build on to some of these stories in the future 

The wind glides down from the mountains at the top of the world bringing news of winters to come in the future of Tirrania. It makes its way first to the tiny settlers at the foot of the mountains. Little settlements besides icy running rivers brewing with simple peace loving lives surrounded by the wonders of the natural realm and fed by the reaps of their own hands.

As the rivers flow on they make their way to the first the major cities flowing in through giant water gates into the land that never seizes to look at the skies. from towers to barracks to fortresses all float above held to the ground only by a little weight. They worship the sky as their only savior. A city ready for disaster, for winds to simply carry them away from the world. Their only usage from the land being the very water that runs through their gates and its essence, which they can never duplicate at their height.

A little ways down and we see a massive ocean filled with creatures of wonder and despair. Infinite-ly running waters for all the explorers who dare and at the edge of their oceans is a waterfall to the end. Water falling into the deepest of voids never to see an end. The many small islands that hold little life here are all full of sea mongers racing through the waves of destiny. Threatened each day by the wretched travelers of the infinite seas they lead on with their lives in worship of the sea.

Above all these ground dwellers live a race of the divine. Those who only reveal themselves to the ones who truly seek the peace of this life. A temple of endless luminescence overlooks in the sky. Holding the guardians of the world as they see this existence by. They control the tremors of the land and tides of the sea. The currents of the wind are all in their decree. They descend only to bring the gift of peace in times when this world is drenched in tyranny and they expel all the wretched souls to the voids of the south. They exist only for true balance and tranquil equilibrium is all they seek.

Tirrania lives on in the far dimensions of the galaxies a land of expanding mass moving on for eternity.

Freestyle Poetry

a poem for the ones in struggle fighting for their peace. Run through the hardships and let your lives be free because even when trouble catches up may your hearts content keep you moving on.


In these gentle arms i rest,

the breeze that touches

silver sweat.

Security is a slumber mess,

but in the warmth we lay unscathed.

The irony shall play it through,

when fires burn in ice blue

and frozen over shall we rest.

Warmth at heart,

in shiny dread.



You get two poems today. Maybe its because the first one was too short or maybe my brain is just too sleepless that its releasing my inner poet out. Image Credits:


I watch the dropping hail as it sparkled

on those wet winter days.

i was reminded of the scent

of those sweet innocent days.

When you blessed me with your kindness,

your holy immaculate grace

and i watched as your tears sparkled,

on your little suckling face.

i missed your sweet essence,

the guilty childish gaze.

i wish you hadn’t died that day,

o little princess in the grave.