So Write


Overwhelmed Mind,

what agonies do lead to thy sorrow.

Entrenched deep withing your neural cortex,

Lie the secrets, with which hormonal hearts collide.

Sorrowful anxious mind,

these pasts they burrow,

deepened through time,

filled with the sinus of the morose mind.

Oh optimistic thinking style,

Why is thy anger so futile?

Yet short lived in the heavy hearts of the fine.

You lay in ditches aswell,

seeping through poison,

of the positive kind.

O minds when you shall each collide,

creating personalities,

bringing tears to their eyes.

In the writers mind,

the philosophical fallacies combine.

characters rummaging in a fumigated brine.

so write.

Flow out with the treasuries,

of thy own ruined mind.



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The wreak,

the havoc.

The crooked chains,

of the clumsy inheritor.

they rattle, they spur.

The corrupted curs

of the dictating blood splatter.

We bite, we shove.

In agony to reach the pain’s true love.

we hearken to death,

for justice is our final rest.

this was in response to a daily prompt.