Survival : The Dream

Okay, So A little update before we begin. This shall be the last installment of survival for a while now. The series however is anything but complete there is a lot of exciting new stuff to come. For now I am about to begin an amazing new project which will hopefully be a new high for both myself and twinkietalks. Also, for more updates on this mysterious new project join twinkietalk’s official new facebook page. Enjoy !

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The Dream


It had been months since my realization of the truth. I no longer felt ashamed of my actions during my encounter with one of the members of the world’s new society. I believed I was the only human left alive and ensured my security well. Never did I turn on my father’s light, so no evil beings would find their way to me. I surrounded the whole shed with fences and traps. I collected wood and stone all for the purpose of making weapons. My safety was perfect; no one would disrupt my world now.


I lived in peace for many days until my thoughts finally showed me something I had ignored all this time. The woman I had seen running. She was like me. She was human, a real human. I realized what I had been keeping away from my mind all along. There could still be more people out there. More people like me, fighting for their safety and survival. I decided to make a little visit to the city.


It was my first time leaving the boundary I had made around my house. I was fully prepared. Three wooden carved swords and my trusty bow with almost 60 arrows. I wore the fresh leather of a cow I had slain earlier that day so that no one would smell my human stink over the smell of cow. I left at daybreak and walked peacefully towards the direction of the road.


It took quite a long time but I was finally there, the place of my revelation, the place I realized what had come of this world. I spent no time with my thought this time; I remained hidden in the vegetation and ran as quick as I could towards the city in the backdrop. Running as swiftly as my body allowed I suddenly came to an abrupt stop. I heard fast pacing footsteps behind me. I turned around slowly and saw them all. The green wretched creatures had seen me. They had been following me, in their own dreadful footsteps all along. I decided I could not simply outrun them. So for the first time in my life I killed without guilt, it was just as if slaying for food, but this time the purpose was not hunger, it was survival. Soon I was covered in blood and my heart beat in vast strokes. I had obliterated all of them, it felt wrong but it also felt like a huge achievement. The blood rush was greater than any I had felt before. This was my drug, my way to euphoria.


I was soon near my destination. I had met with a few of the greens along the way, but none put up a fight. The city lay open in flames. I heard screams and growls from everywhere. The tall buildings all lay empty, lifeless. There were definitely still people here, but saving them was beyond measure at this time. I turned back without disturbing the new civilians of the city but that day I gained something new. I gained a purpose, a dream. I had to save humanity from this new plague, I had to save the inhabitants of Dihama from their new neighbors. I had to liberate this dreadful city and return it to glory!


Survival: Realization

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It had been days since I had named myself a murderer. I had lost my appetite for flesh; I kept my strength from the wild fruits and berries I found in the vegetation of the forest. Each morning, I would wake up stare out my window and see the new grave I had built, it was as if he was standing right there, pointing his finger right at my guilty face. My mind quarreled with sanity, as my heart tried to comfort me, making me believe my actions were self-defense. I was still a murderer none the less.

One quite lonesome morning, my father’s word’s echoed in my head “one must always be punished for his crimes.” When I had first heard my father’s insightful lesson I was too youthful to understand, but now the answer stood right in front of me. I was a criminal and I needed just punishment. I decided to head towards civilization, find one person and ask them to turn me in. I knew that there were roads heading out of our former Dihama; a metropolis just a few miles off the forest. I left my home, saying goodbye to my parents, not knowing if I would ever be able to return and headed towards my fate.


Hours passed, I kept walking towards the streetlights visible far off. At daybreak I finally heard the voice of another human and realized I was here. The voice was a scream though, one which startled me. My slow steps turned into fast agile strides. I finally got past the shadow of the vegetation to see the long asphalt road lying in front of me. The sight confused me direly, was I really near civilization? My view was no less then utterly barbaric. Crashed cars burning all over the road, screams from every direction and blood splashed everywhere. I was stunned by this distressful sight until I saw some people chasing a woman, she ran right past me and I took cover in the vegetation so the men chasing her will not see me. What followed completely surprised me, the men were all pale and green like the victim of my former actions, they walked with sheer hunger in their eyes, and as the woman stopped for a quick breath, they caught up with her and devoured the living flesh out of her, soon she rose too, among them as a human of the green.

The disgust and distress of what I had just seen completely frightened me and I ran as fast as I could back towards my home the only place I thought safe. I reached in half the time it took me to reach the road. My thoughts completely scattered. Had society and civilization really deteriorated into green beings who devoured every living thing in their path?

The next few days were all spent surrounding my home with fences; I didn’t want the “society” to destroy my father’s dream and my mother’s hard work.

Survival: A Strange Visitor

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I was just about to feast upon my latest hunt; an innocent little hunt which I had found lost in the woods and shot down with my wooden bow, when I heard an unfamiliar sound. It sounded like a faint growl, but the voice was not that of an animal. I felt as if it were an injured human crying for help so I turned around to see a sight I had never seen before.

There he was, at my door, a man, with pitch black lifeless eyes and rotten green skin. He looked as if he had died ages ago, but he was stood up straight with his arms stretched forward, staring at me through the small window on my door. At first I froze, unable to act. Soon I regained my ability to move and decided to let him in. I slowly open the door and jumped back. He stormed right in with no hesitation. His clothes were torn and there were cuts all over his body but he showed no signs of injury. He came running after me and I not knowing what to do only stood there. When he was close, he sprung up and tried to bite. This is when I learned, the man wasn’t friendly, he was a killer just like me but his victims were men and his hunger was for flesh. I ran full speed to my bow on the table and rapidly shot at him. He didn’t put up much of a fight and with a few quick arrows he was out. I had killed a man, a real living man, though his objectives were the same, but it was I who was the murderer in this situation.

I stood there for a few moments, my hunger completely gone. There lay the body of my first true victim and I had done it with no intention apart from pure survival. I had no idea what to do from here on, should I repent or should I live on?

The next morning I carried his body out in the open and gave him a proper burial. I kept his grave separate from my parents, I was somehow ashamed that they would see this man and be disappointed in me. sc2final

Survival: Alone

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sc1 dr2

Soon after I gained my manhood, I became a demon for blood. No wildlife was safe from my hunger. I would devour everything in my path just to quench my thirst for blood and feast upon the meat of my latest victim. I was growing stronger, faster and much more valiant with every kill.

Then came the night when reality finally hit me. My father had built a nice shed for us in the woods; it was made of old hardwood from the trees of the forest which surrounded it. The roof was a traditional slope with a light pole on top which my father would keep lit all night to attract lone travelers seeking help. Beside the house was a small stonewalled well with fresh blue water which would last ages. We were free and happy; from all the commotion, away in our humble abode. Never had I ever thought of ever losing both my parents at such a young age. As I lay in my bed all alone in our little peaceful shed I finally realized how alone I was. There was no living soul around for miles. I yearned for company but my wishes were never granted.

Each morning I would wake to the rising sun peeping in through my window. I would climb up to the roof to put out the flames of the light pole and would scream to the mountains, hoping, praying that anyone would respond. I missed the sweet loving company of my mother, whom I had cherished the most in this world and I wept till my eyes would dry out of tears. I would spend days at the shrine I built her, right beside my father. My loneliness was reaching its peak but there was no one to fill the expanding void in my heart.

One ordinary night, I came home, shut the door and put my latest hunt on the table to feast when I heard something strange.