Freestyle Poetry

These eyes despise

what the heart cannot feel

the enemy lies within our greed

in the truth we perceive whatever life may be

in sorrow we see the truth of destiny

with anguish and courage

strike cowards in anxiety

with fear we lead in the night’s succession

only to find the root

of half ended apologies


6 thoughts on “Freestyle Poetry

  1. I’m going to start by saying that I’m a huge fan of free verse and it’s a style I write in myself quite a bit. I read your piece through a few times and I thought you managed to get the flow running really well which isn’t easy in this style, but that the lack of punctuation did make the poem ramble a tad. I felt that some of the force was lost from a couple of the really good lines because nothing sort of held you up to make you think about what you’d just read. For example line’s five, six and seven left me scratching my head a little, just because I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to be reading them. However, overall I thought it was a pretty good poem with a lot of promise. Keep writing.

    • Well i really love and enjoy punctuation myself, but every time I do freestyle poetry I try to steer clear of it. T’is only to give the poetry the freedom it deserves, If you have some time please do read some other works you’ll see they’re much easier to follow but not quite as open to perception as the freestyles. Thank you for the feedback and the visit it is highly appreciated 🙂

      • It’s certainly an interesting style. Clearly I was getting free style and free verse a little muddle up, my apologies. I have check out a few of your poems and you have a wonderful sense of language.

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